Before I give my review I want to give a little history about me.  I am a 49 year old man and I have been very active my whole life.  As a child I was a gymnast, a diver, and a swimmer amongst many other sports such as biking, skiing, and horseback riding.  In my later teen years I suffered a minor back injury playing frisbee on the beach.  At the time I wasn’t that affected by it but as the years progressed my L4 and L5 discs in my lower back became degenerative and herniated.  I spent over 50% of my life now with lower back pain and muscle spasms.  As treatment, I have tried everything from epidurals, to chiropractic and sadly to say at times prescription pain pills which are never fun.  I have had acupuncture in the past but Marcia, the acupuncturist, who is amazingly skilled, adds the electric stimulator to the process and I have to say with 100% honesty that my back has never felt better.   For the first time in many years I have very little to no pain or spasming in my lower back.  Marcia also has these herbal patches that also give great relief to the pain if and when I have any….  this is very rare though.   Marcia is very pleasant and takes her time with any questions you may have.  She is perfect for her profession.

The office is well appointed which gives a very spa like atmosphere, not to mention soothing and relaxing music.  I give my overall experience with Marcia at Songshine the highest recommendation.  And I say  this only because as a pain sufferer I want nothing more than for others to find help managing and relieving their pain.

P.S.  –  I went this last week for treatment on my tennis elbow.  So far the pain has been relieved though I’m sure I need to caution my gym workouts as they are the main culprit.

Donald S.– 5/23/2016 Manhattan, NY


Fantastic! The pain in my shoulder used to be so bad that I could no longer sleep on my side–after Marcia treated it a few times, the pain went away and has stayed away. I had never had acupuncture before going to Songshine but I am a total convert. It works and Marcia is great.

M.B.– 3/4/2015 New York, NY


“If your in pain give Songshine Acupuncture a call. Marcia the practitioner will take your pain away while being relaxed in a sound soothing environment. I’ve had four treatments and she has helped me with my back problem. Thank you Marcia!”

P.A.– 8/3/2014


“When it comes to new venture, I am very closed minded and skeptical.  I have not had acupuncture until I met Marcia.  A friend of mine recommended me to Marcia and told me she had few treatments done and it was great.  I finally decided to have my first treatment done, I do not know the phenomenon of a needles placing on certain part of body does release the pain and soreness.  My first session was so relaxing and I felt asleep.  I cannot explain in words on the pain level I had before and after; and no one knows our body better than ourselves.  All I can tell you all is, it was too remarkable effective and I requested second session!!!

Thank you Marcia.”

A.L.– 6/2/2014


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